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You tell the story.

Daily Cutting’s Video-Creation Platform for Sports.

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Three reasons why Cutting is awesome.

Quick and easy,
like Usain.

Create a compelling story in as little as five minutes. With zero design or graphics experience.

Comprehensive, unlike
England’s win in the final.

Templates made for sport. Use our scorecards, infographics, video clips and much more to tell the full story.

Intelligent, like
Paul the Octopus.

Our engine predicts your needs and creates ready-to-use editorial cards without any manual intervention.

Cutting Edge

Most video-creation tools in the market try and do a little bit of everything. But sport is not generic. Storytelling in sport needs to be both powerful and nuanced, it needs to tap into both emotions and data. Basically, we’re specialists … not bits-and-pieces players.

We believe less can be more. Fewer clicks, relevant templates and a simple and elegant workflow for brilliant results. There’s a reason we love Roger.

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